How to Change Default Username & Password for Dlink Router?

Know how you can Change default username and password for Dlink Router.

Ever got stuck in a situation where you feel bounded because you unable to complete your pending tasks just because you cannot remember a silly password or the password isn’t working, and the very first question that comes to your mind is;

How do I change my Dlink router username and password?

Let’s follow the below mentioned solutions for how to change the DLink router admin password.

How To Change Administrator Password On DLink Router?

  • Explore a page by clicking any Internet browser’s symbol.
  • Check the router’s documentation or manual to discover the router’s URL or IP address.
  • Type the router’s URL or IP address in the location bar.
  • Enter the router’s login certifications.
  • Indicate the User Name as admin and the Passkey as Password in the given field. Leave password blank;
  • Now, click on the login button.
  • Enter your new password under the Settings or Administration area of the interface.
  • Now, save your Settings by clicking on the Save button.

Guide To Change DLink Router Admin Password

With the help of an admin account, you can change all the Settings of the Router. For enhanced security, you need to put a strong password for the Admin account.

Follow below mentioned steps for how to change Dlink Router admin password:

  • Open an Internet browser of your decision to enter the D-Link router’s IP address on the location bar. You need to utilize a PC that is as of now connected with your network.
  • Type http://D-Linkrouter.local or on the program’s location bar. This is the default address for most recent D-Link routers.
  • You can discover the router’s URL from the label on the router.
  • Press the Enter Key.
  • Type the password of your Admin account in a blank field.
  • If you don’t want, change it to default then leave the password blank.
  • Now, click on the dlink extender login button.
  • Configuration page will display the Dlink Router. Make the required changes.
  • Put the cursor on the Management Tab. You have displayed a list of options.
  • You have to choose the System Admin option from the drop-down menu to change Admin password.
  • Enter the password of your choice what you want.
  • Remember, your password should be case-sensitive.
  • If you want to enable CAPTCHA graphical authentication while login then select the slider Next Enable Graphical Authentication option.
  • Tap on the Save button and continue to Save your Settings. A pop-up message on your Windows will display a password change.

Steps on Reset Dlink Router Password 

In case, you have forgotten the Dlink Router password then you have the reset option.  So, take a look given steps, how you can reset the Dlink Router password;

  • Discover the Factory reset button that is situated behind the D-Link router.
  • Press the button utilizing a paper clip and hold it for around 5-10 seconds.
  • Release the button after the LED lights quit blazing on the off chance that they were flickering. You would now be able to see that the settings have changed.
  • Mention the default username and password to sign in to the router’s setup page and change your settings. The default secret word will be referenced in the client manual.
  • Leave the password content field empty in the event that you don’t know about the default secret word.
  • Change the secret word in the Setup segment of the Configuration page.

Reset Dlink Administrator Password

How Do I Change Network Passwords?

Check out below steps how you can Change Default Username & Password for Dlink Router….

  • Guarantee that your PC is connected with the network.
  • Open another program Window.
  • Type in ‘’ in the location bar and tap Enter.
  • Select the Change Wireless Password alternative in the menu present on the right-hand side.
  • Notice the default Login Credentials.
  • Determine the new Network Password in the comparing field.
  • Select the Apply button to save your Settings.
  • Reconnect the gadget utilizing your new password.

Forgot My DLink Admin Password

  • You can get to your Router settings just when you know your Admin password.
  • The primary thing that springs up when you attempt to open your router’s web configuration page is the login screen.
  • You need to enter the username and password for signing into the Dlink Router setup page.
  • For all D-Link routers, the preset username is admin. Leave the secret word field unfilled.
  • On the off chance that the clear secret key doesn’t work, type admin as a secret word. This is about the default username and password.
  • In the event that you have changed the administrator secret word and don’t recollect it any longer, the best way to get to the router’s website page is by resetting the router.
  • The router includes a Reset button and you realize how to reset the DLink router secret key.
  • Utilize a sharp device, for example, a paperclip or any sharp item to press the reset button.
  • Press the Reset button for quite a while to reset DLink router wifi secret key. Release the button once you see the lights squinting. This shows that the router is reset.
  • Presently, you can utilize the default administrator username and secret key to sign into the router’s setup page.

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