How to Connect Dlink Wireless Router to Computer?

How to Connect DLink Wireless Router to Computer?


Can I Connect my DLink wireless Router to my Laptop?

DLink routers accompany an Ethernet cable utilizing which it very well may be associated with a modem. A modem empowers the gadgets associated with the router to get to the Internet.

Some DLink routers have an inherent DSL modem. Your PC can either make a wired connection or a remote connection with the switch.

Before you connect your router to any gadget by following the guide of how to associate a DLink remote switch to PC, you need to set up and arrange it.

Wired Association:

For a wired association, plug the Ethernet link into the Ethernet port on your switch and PC. The WAN port on the Router is to be associated with the modem.

Remote Connection

For a remote connection with the Router, search for the SSID of the router network on your framework and interface with it by giving the network password.

Number of Devices that can Connect Dlink Wireless Router to Computer

There is no constraint to the quantity of gadgets that can be associated with the switch. The equipment of the switch decides its presentation.

More the quantity of gadgets associated with the switch, lesser the presentation. The exhibition relies upon the speed of the router’s CPU, RAM, and the measure of traffic made by it.

Since there are more factors to be considered prior to indicating the quantity of gadgets that can be associated at one time to the switch, the producer has not determined the breaking point.

Notwithstanding, the ideal organization speed can be accomplished when a limit of 15 gadgets are associated with the switch.

How To Connect DLink Wireless Router To A Computer

  • Associate your D-Link router to an electrical source and turn it on.
  • Take the Ethernet cable and plug it from your modem into the Router’s WAN port.
  • For a Wired association, plug one finish of the Ethernet cable into the PC’s Ethernet port and the opposite end into the router’s Ethernet port.
  • To set up a remote association, click the Network symbol on the taskbar of your PC.
  • From the rundown of networks, select the SSID of your switch organization.
  • Enter the secret key for the network and Tap connect to join the network.
  • The subsequent stage is configuring the router Settings. Open a program from your device and type the IP address of the switch in the location bar.
  • Give the login credentials and afterward select Run Wizard from the setup page.
  • Continue with the guidelines to finish the arrangement. You would now be able to get to the switch network from your PC.

Connect My WiFi Enabled Computer To My Wireless Router

  • Provide the power supply to the Router.
  • On the off chance that your D-Link router doesn’t have an in-built modem, interface the WAN port of the router to a modem utilizing the Ethernet link and follow the subsequent stage for how to connect DLink wireless Router to Computer or PC.
  • Switch on your PC. Discover the Network symbol on the taskbar and click it.
  • From the accessible networks, select the SSID of your D-Link router.
  • In the event that you are invited to give the password or secret code, enter it.
  • The subtleties for Setting up the Dlink router and interfacing with it with default settings are given on the actual switch.
  • To change the default settings, open the remote setup page of the router from the PC associated with the gadget.
  • Open an Internet Browser and type the D-Link router’s IP address in the location bar. The default IP address of the switch is
  • At the point when the sign in screen opens, enter ‘administrator’ as username and leave the password¬† field unfilled. Tap Login.
  • Run the Setup Wizard. Change the default settings. To start with, change the password for the Router to get your organization.
  • You can likewise change the remote network name.
  • Configure the Internet connection and snap the Connect alternative.
  • Your router is presently set up and can be connected with your gadget with the new Settings.

How To Connect A Laptop To DLink Wireless Router?

Try below given steps to Connect Dlink Wireless Router to Computer or laptop….

  • Switch off your modem. Connect the remote switch to an AC outlet utilizing the Power connector.
  • Switch on the modem and interface it to the Router’s WAN port utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the LAN port of the router to the Ethernet port of your PC utilizing another Ethernet cable. Restart the PC.
  • Open a program from the PC and type the router’s IP address in the location field.
  • Sign in to the setup page utilizing the default username and password.
  • D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard will spring up. Snap the Next tab to start the entire set up.
  • Design the remote settings for the router.
  • Change the router’s SSID so you can rapidly distinguish your network and associate with it.
  • It is unequivocally prompted that you adjust the default password for the router.

Steps – Connect iPad To DLink Wireless Router

  • Guarantee that your router is turned on and associated with the modem.
  • In the event that you are utilizing the router interestingly for the very first time, open the setup and login page of the Router utilizing its IP address.
  • Run the Setup Wizard signing in utilizing the default username and password.
  • Configure the necessary Settings and afterward click the Connect tab.
  • From the home screen of your iPad, select the Settings symbol.
  • A list of choices will be shown on the Settings screen.
  • Select the Wi-Fi option and turn it on.
  • The iPad recognizes every one of the accessible networks and displays a rundown of them.
  • You will see a padlock close to Secure/Encrypted organizations.
  • Discover the SSID of your network and tap it.
  • In the event that you have gotten your network, you will be provoked to enter the password.
  • Whenever you are connected with the Wi-Fi, the network’s name will be demonstrated in blue with a check detriment for it.

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