D-Link Router Red Power Light Issue – Ultimate Fixes

D-Link Router Red Power Light issue is a very annoying issue. Because when you see a red light on your router then, you always get annoyed after seeing a red LED light on the router. 

It’s very difficult to understand which type of issue arises on your Router that shows a red light. Basically, in a router, you can find numerous lights that specify one specific action. 

If the router is working correctly, then you can find the green LED below the feature indication (power, broadband, internet, wireless, or Ethernet). If the green light turns red, then it specifies some issue or error. For each feature (power, internet, or Ethernet), the red light specifies dissimilar issues.

Usually, a red light issue on the D-link router could show the network issues with the d-link route’s identified internet connection through modem. 

The solid red light on the D-link router shows blinking patterns which could arise depending upon the error across your D-link router.

Sometimes, a red power light on a D-link router blinking red light would show that some kind of technical network glitch faced by the router.

Let’s do start the process

First you must be needed to read and understand the reason behind the problem. 

Reasons – Why D-Link Router shows Red Light

To resolve the red light issue on the D-link router, do the following and understand the reasons below deeply why this happens and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

  • The basic and most common reason behind red light error on D-Link is the internet network issue across on D-link router. 
  • Another and main reason for this error could be that the Internet cable or fiber cable is broken and requires replacement.
  • You need to running of system diagnostic processes.
  • Red light on D-link routers might show that some kind of issue in the internet connectivity from the internet service provider’s end.
  • Might be your Ethernet cable not plugged properly into the WAN port of your D-link router connecting it to the modem or the Ethernet may be damaged.
  • Make sure you have properly Setup Dlink Router.

Most probably, by reading above causes of issue you can easily resolve your issue.

In case you are unable to connect your d-link router to the computer then read the troubleshooting guide “ how to connect the D-link router to Computer” and get the solution. 

Before going to the hard and advanced troubleshooting steps, first try to resolve your issue by simple and basic steps. 

Basic Solution for D-Link Router Red Light Blinking

Here the steps to resolve your D-link red light issue. Do the following and try to resolve your issue.

Check connections: Check whether there is no loose connection, if you find any loose connection then remove it and try to connect again. 

Check modem and router connection: Make sure your modem and router both are connected with each other with correct manner, if you find inconvenience in-between them then try to connect again. 

Verify power cable: Check your power cable, if it is defected somewhere then replace it and join it properly.  

Restart Router: Router showing red light, restart your router several times, if issue has been resolved then great if not then opt some another issue. 

Add Correct IP address: Open your Browser and add correct IP Address, if you didn’t remember any IP address then add default. 

Use updated firmware- Most of the time red light suddenly appears on d-link routers because you are using outdated firmware. Update firmware with latest version. 

Update router driver- Might be you are using outdated router drivers, update your router driver with the latest version and try to resolve your issue. 

By trying the above steps, you didn’t resolve your issue. Just move further and try some advanced and deep troubleshooting D-Link Router Red Light 

Advance Troubleshooting D-Link Router Red Power Light Problem

Here find the advanced troubleshooting tips or a technician sent over, there are a few tricks worth trying. These steps may help you find a proper solution for the D-Link router red light problem and you can also solve the issue on your own.

Rebooting your Device 

Do the mentioned below one step solution for your issue: 

  • First and foremost, release the power cord to disconnect the gateway or modem and take out the batteries.
  • Next, leave the device till 60 seconds, then put the batteries in and also plug the power cable back into the device.
  • Now, hold a couple of minutes so your modem can power up. D-Link router red light blinking should stop when it turns back on. Lights would gradually restore to show that it’s working and connected to the internet.
  • Now, check your internet connection to see if it’s working  or not. 

Fix issue by using Rebooting your Router and Modem 

To reboot your router take these steps:

  • First, remove the power cable from your modem and the batteries along with any other hardware.
  • Release the power cable from your router too.
  • Wait till 2 to 3 minute and allow things to cool down a bit.
  • Next, reinsert the batteries and plug the power cord back into the modem.
  • Wait for till 2 minutes to allow the modem to rev-up
  • Your modem’s lights should slowly restore to confirm it is powered and connected.
  • Next, plug-in your router to the power supply and wait till 2 minutes for it to boot up. Once display lights turn on, you will note that you have effectively achieved a router red light fix.
  • After doing above steps, check your internet connection to confirm you are back online. 

For a new router, if seeing red suddenly appears during d-link router login setup process then,  do the follow steps: 

  • Open your browser and open routerlogin.net login page with correct username and password 
  • Now, Go to wireless setting and select network range and confirm security is set at WPA2[AES]

Note- if you are unable to login your router then click on “how to change username and password for d-link router” and resolve your issue. 

Lastly, check if your issue has been resolved.

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